2014 Recap – 2015 Trendspotting

January 1, 2015

It’s at this point every year where our agencies and clients begin to ask us “what next?” Normally for us at Grand Visual, that is for a number of reasons… Maybe because we’ve had another successful year of media firsts, awards and pr’able campaigns on Digital Out-of-Home [DOOH]. Might be because we’ve become synonymous with driving innovation and using creative technology in the DOOH out-of-home market. We have been setting the standards for content creation and creative technology on DOOH for others to replicate, forging a digital path for others to follow. Whatever the reason, we can’t ignore that our voice has become trusted in spotting trends, technology and innovation for the market, and the following information will hopefully help serve as a taster as to what we expect to come from 2015. We’re looking forward to it… and we’re looking forward to it with you in mind!

2014 campaigns
Before we look forward, it’s always important to look back, retrospective, be self critical, understand and grow to move on. So we do. What did we do? What did we learn? How will it affect us next year? Here’s a reflection of some of our successes and another award winning calendar year at Grand Visual.
Pepsi Max
Google Front Row
Nokia Lumia
Agent Monopoly
Benadryl 2
Google Outside
Sunset Overdrive
Technology 2014
This year we’ve being playing / developing / hacking with:
Big Data
Recognition software
Multitouch Agent controls
Oculus Rift
Projection Materials
Technology 2015
Next year we’re looking forward to playing / developing / hacking with…..
Developing a campaign application for our OR2
The Exciting Roadmap of the GV Product suite inc OpenLoop
Myo delivery
Apple Watch
DOOH Campaign Trends for 2015
Multi Territory Dynamic and Interactive campaigns
Multi format Dynamism – OpenLoop
Tactical Media, Tactical Creative
Physical to Digital
Our mantra for 2015
Be SMART. Make it your new standard.
Sensible – Not boring sensible. We create content and campaign messaging that makes the media money work harder. That is a sensible. Using OpenLoop we can also enable media money to only be expended as required maybe due thermostatic changes in the weather, or related to traffic information. That is sensible. 

Methodical – We’re in the business of working to plans, media plans, creative plans, production plans and media owner specs. We work  through plans methodically with agencies to ensure clients get the best out of the DOOH plan.
Artistic – We’re creative, we have a desire to push the boundaries of creativity with agencies. We want the content we produce to stand proud among the rest, and we use our Artistic flare to deliver this.
Relevant – Being tactical, and relevant to; location, mindset, environment, mood, weather, traffic, departures, viewers, screens and situations is where we come in to our own. We don’t look at plan as a bunch of screens. We look at the plan as an opportunity to create an emotional engagement with consumers. And we do this be being relevant.
Technological – Hand in hand with creativity. We ensure the perfect equilibrium between creativity and technology. If one out weighs the other we’ll lose our viewers. Get it right and we’ll create that connection