ISE 2015

February 15, 2015
Integrated Systems Europe
Over 50,000 attendees joined this year’s ISE, securing its place as the world’s leading professional AV and electronics expo.

Strong Trends in Projection Mapping

Projection mapping dominated the landscape at this year’s ISE. Advancements in object mapping and spatial augmented reality have made the medium more accessible than ever. The technology was used from simple signage to creative and artistic exhibitions.

Christie demonstrated their impressive auto-calibration apparatus, mapping a number of objects in a sensational thirty seconds from one tap of an iPad controller.


Touchscreen Bezels

There were a number of touchscreen devices on show offering a wealth of features but we felt most inspired discussing the possibilities derived from the bezels themselves. Such solutions tender to up to 10 writing points, with 32 touch points, and can be mounted onto any device, from the traditional flat screen television to projections and unconventional surfaces. The devices are compatible with all major operating systems.


Effective Holographic Executions

Although we’ve seen holograms before, there were some skillful executions this year, integrating real world objects with the virtual to create some thoroughly immersing effects. Examples include using coffee to mimic fireworks bursting from soil and cleverly aligned spraying effects to simulate the usage of a perfume bottle.


4K 3D Without Glasses

The move from HD to 4K has made vast improvements to the quality of the lens-less 3D experience. Although, we’re yet to experience the 3D Jaws from Back to the Future, we’re actually at a nice trade-off where the effect is apparent but subtle. Stream TV were demoing their Ultra-D 4K 3D TV and were able to exhibit this by adjusting the third dimension depth on the fly, providing a live comparison.


Blackmagic Cameras

Blackmagic had their impressive studio cameras on show. These compact cameras offer a comprehensive and affordable, professional solution for an ultra-HD studios needs. Each device is complete with a considerable 10” display, built-in tally light and talkback system, sending spectacular 4K over built-in optical fiber and 12G-SDI connections, all for just over £2,000.


Audio Moving Head

This self-powered moving head has a built-in camera allowing the user to accurately focus the bearing of sound. The aiming software provides the user the ability to create cue points on the fly, perfect for live events and special effects. The speaker boasts 500 watts of power, though we’d have like to have seen a sonic option for super precise sound.


Driving Simulator

A truly immersive experience, this driving simulator got everyone’s attention with its beautiful curved, ultra high definition screen and hydraulic reactive chassis


Wi-Fi Sound Streaming


Similar to the Barix solution we discovered last year, competitors Hearing Hotspot offer a low latency, high quality remote audio stream for video distributed over digital signage. Both companies offer a free app with customisable branding but still not, as of yet, to have announced an SDK for custom development.