The NLD 2011

October 1, 2011

Well well well. We managed to do those neighbours again. Got to say that they are looking pretty sub standard. Now I don’t wanna get carried away with the fact that we just beat the ‘Arsenal’ cos this is not the same Arsenal that we are used to facing at the lane.

I can remember when they were hard to beat, when they closed out games with precision on a regular basis. When they had a solid midfield as well as defence. But they are currently waving flags and looking despondent at every challenge. In the meantime we see a resurgent spurs team happy to push forward and attack even if defensively we can look inept at times.

With King and Kaboul forming a partnership that looks unbreakable, is my namesake Dawson going to struggle to regain the armband? Whatever happens back there it’s nice to see that the defence seems strong and going forward we look dangerous. The cold hard fact is that teams are scared of us and that means we’ll always be hard to beat at home.

Having been travelling with work all week, this was a happy ‘welcome home’ present…. Especially given that I was in florida, Disney world, to be precise, were all of the staff are well versed in ‘welcome home’ corporate messaging at every opportunity.


– mymatedan